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In the beging of 2017, our dream of owning the best sports bar on the Achimota-kingsby Roundabout became a reality
when we became the owners of Round Up Lounge.
Round Up Lounge has been the Ultimate Sports Bar in Ghana, Accra. We are the
SPORTS HQ’s and the UFC HQ’s of Accra Ghana. Enjoy Sports Games and World Champion Fights on HDTVs and State of the
Art Surround Sound! If there is a game or a fight, we got it!

“We Take Sports Seriously!”

Today, we are a popular sporting venue featuring live music of local talents, karaoke and our (delicious) finger foods and special orders.

Thanks to our thousands of loyal friends who continue to support us with their patronage.

If you haven’t experienced the Round Up Lounge, we look forward to your first visit. Located in Achimota at the Kingsby Roundabout (Accra – Ghana)

We are Dynamic

We have Integrity

We Respect

We are Transparent

A Word From Owner

There are no Secrets to Success. It is a result from Preparation Hard work and Learning from failure.